Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The first posting

This blog will feature information from, to and about Graphic Desgn at Nottingham Trent University. Hopefully it will be a forum for people to share work, talk about design and designers and generally inspire each other.
To kick off here are details about the latest competition briefs.

D&AD (Designers and Art Directors)
A selection of projects covering mainly advertising based briefs, but also including typography and packaging. Available from 15 Oct.

ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers)
The student assessment scheme projects look more into the typographic approach to design. The briefs are varied, but have very specific submission requirements.
Available to download at:

Mpa Roses
The Roses is a competition for those colleges north of the M25, so no Saint Martins type here!
Usually very open briefs sometimes only a sentence long, the prize is a placement with the agency who wrote the brief. Check them out at:
RSA (Royal Society of Arts) Design Directions Projects
For those of you with a more ethical 'bent'. The RSA tackle major issues such as sustainability and recylcling. Projects are very intellectual and challenging.
Take a look at:
Finally YCN

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