Monday, 30 November 2009

Inspired by Eddie Izzard

This was found on the exergian website blog. It was inspired by Eddie Izzard talking about the subject in his live performance. How cool is this logo. Pure genius!
Also view the youtube clip of him live here. Eddie Izzard Death Star

TV Posters

I came across these on the Exergian website and thought they were excellent. So simple yet really effective. It is amazing what you can do with simple geometric shapes and flat colour when you put your mind to it!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Saville designs gift wrap as part of Manchester Christmas campaign

Manchester’s creative director Peter Saville has designed a limited edition gift wrap as part of the city's Christmas campaign.

Only 5,000 tubes of the multi-coloured wrap will be made available through the Tourist Information Centre, Manchester City Art Gallery, Urbis, Visit Manchester’s Christmas market stall in Albert Square, Vinyl Exchange in the Northern Quarter and online.

Saville said: “When I was approached to design a gift wrap for Manchester I thought it was a fantastic idea and something I have never done before. Designing a successful wrapping paper is not easy but working together with colleague Howard Wakefield, who lent his technical expertise, we’ve come up with a great result.”

Kate Harrison, chief executive of Cityco, the city centre management company, added: “This stylish gift wrap looks amazing and is a refreshing departure from the usual Christmas designs.

"It’s been cleverly created so each piece has a completely different look and even colour when wrapped round a present. Not only is it the first time that Peter Saville has created a wrapping paper design but as far as we know, it’s the first time a city has designed its own Christmas paper.

"The sheets have been cut to a size so that this stunning design can be framed, making an affordable and attractive Christmas present in its own right. This is yet another initiative that will help make this Christmas the biggest Manchester has ever seen.”

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Nottingham Trent Students Participate in YCN's Eureka Project

EUREKA is a new, intensive four week long creative programme hosted by YCN at 72 Rivington Street. Sponsored by social mobile company INQ, EUREKA sees six disciplinarily diverse graduates work collectively on a series of live creative challenges, make regular field trips to external places of note and be stimulated by regular guest visits and presentations. All the actions are charted online at the YCN blog, by the six, using the latest INQ handsets.
It is great to see that students from Nottingham Trent participate in worthwhile projects. Of the six graduates chosen for the project 2 are from Nottingham Trent University. Matt Ivey and Luke Fenech.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

What the font for iPhone

Ever wanted to know the name of a particular font? Stuck identifying unusual bits of typography. Well fret no more. If you own an iPhone your problems are over. By simple downloading the free "what the font" app you can take a photo of the type, and upload it to the website for a quick and easy identification process.
  • Snap a photo right within the app
  • Choose saved photos from the Photo Library
  • In-phone image processing optimizes upload for speed and accuracy
  • View font details in Safari or e-mail a link to yourself
Download it free from itunes or the app store on your phone.


I was browsing flickr and came across images, which led to a link to the Poladroid site.

It is a fantastic new application that coverts your JPEG images to polaroids at 400dpi actual size. It uses a filter to create a colour cast, vignette and blur. Since poplaroid film is no longer being made it is a greta way to fake the effects of a polaroid. It even gives you the texture of the paper!

Just like a real polaroid you can only take 10 photos, before you have to relaunch the software. It is a simple drag and drop process and it even develops as you watch.

I have found it very addictive. You can download it free of charge for both the Mac and the PC here.

Have fun. Here are some of my photos.

Friday, 19 December 2008