Monday, 27 October 2008


Make your own books with Blurb. It's really easy. My former colleague and friend at Ravensbourne, Finola Gaynor, put me onto to the site, it is so easy to use you just drag and drop your photos. Select your layouts and bang in the text. Upload it to the server and then order as many copies as you like.

The software is free to download. Once you have uploaded your book you can order as many copies as you want. Prices begin as little as £6.95 for a 40 page soft cover. You can also design in a variety of sizes, in both hardcover with dust jacket and soft cover.

Check out the website:

I have uploaded a book of my friends Dermot and Anne's kids – Grace, Seamus and Kate.

The other site to have a look at is They perform a smilar function, but you can also do black and white perfectly bound books with just text from as little as £3.80

By by Andy Ellison

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Richard said...

andy, I'd quite like to put some of my work on here, how would one go about doing so?